The Comma Series: Part 1

The Comma Series: This Is Not The End
What is your “this?” Is it a tainted past? Is it a broken marriage, guilt from an abortion, or maybe you’ve cheated, stolen, or lied? When you look down and see the shackles around your wrists, what do they represent? Maybe it isn’t something from your past at all…perhaps you are going through it right at this moment, but the pain is too raw, too hard to put into words? But they’re there. The heaviness of those shackles weigh you down. It impedes on the everyday things that we need to do, like getting out of bed or connecting with others. And what will others think when they SEE my shackles? What will they say? That makes me sink even further into shame and guilt and fold my bound hands down and and want to turn away and hide my face from the world.
Let’s imagine another scenario… let’s imagine sitting in our prison and looking down at chains around our ankles and looking around us for a moment…I envision a large, dark hole with sounds of water dripping along a stone wall. I can hear the chains scrape across the floor as I move. Every breath is heavy, every movement weighted, and time stands still as the days become weeks that become years. Despair. But wait, there is something else…
I hear chains scraping against the stone cold floor of the prison, but they aren’t mine. I take a closer look and notice the slightest movement in the darkest corner of the room and realize, someone is there with me. I listen. I can hear them whimpering as a child, not knowing where they are or how they arrived there. They aren’t even aware that I’m there… until… I speak.
What would I say? Let’s take a look at someone who actually experienced this hardship many times, Paul (also known as Saul of Tarsus.) In Philippians 1: 12-14 we read Paul’s words…
“Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters,that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel. As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ. And because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord and dare all the more to proclaim the gospel without fear.”
Paul wrote to the Church of Philippi in what is believed to be his last prison epistle. He saw his imprisonment as an opportunity to advance the gospel! Paul, who was just as human as you and I, could’ve yielded to his flesh and complained to the church of the conditions that he was in, but instead he chose to focus on Jesus. By focusing on the light instead of the darkness that surrounded him, he accomplished three things.

  1. He was an encouragement to the church body. His trust in the Lord and deep faith in Jesus Christ is what fueled Paul during his darkest times. He could’ve evoked fear and written “go into hiding and save yourselves!” But he didn’t do that! He encouraged them and urged them to continue to spread the gospel. By doing that, he also encouraged unity and let them know that he remained in this pursuit WITH them. His immediate circumstances did not limit him. Only thoughts of hopelessness and fear could shackle him and the minds of other followers and Paul wanted no part in that deception. Instead, Paul greeted them with “grace and peace” (Philippians 1:2), not gloom and doom! He also prayed for them. He looked beyond his prison to meet the needs of others. He also prayed for their “love to abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.” (Philippians 1:9)
  2. Other prisoners were brought to Christ! Paul was able to minister to others that were imprisoned with him. Paul saw the chains of others and instead of wallowing in fear and doubt, his chains gave him courage! The prisoners saw Paul’s chains and could relate to him because of it, but then to hear Paul tell all about the love of Jesus Christ was something new to them. Their hopelessness was turned into hope. Some who were released went on to spread the gospel, while others who spent their last days there were released from their prisons into the arms of Christ.
  3. Paul remained steadfast and by encouraging others, he also spoke life into himself. His thoughts remained focused on the gospel. He could not forget that fateful day when he lost his sight. The kind of darkness that Paul experienced on the road to Damascus was more poignant than any darkness that a prison could hold. It was in that darkness that He received Christ and accepted Him as Lord. No prison, no darkness, and no shackles compared to the man Paul was when Jesus said to him “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” (Acts 9:4) Paul was blind but now he saw light in every corner of that prison because He knew Jesus.

What chains are weighing you down? Are you paralyzed by the dark prison walls that are built up around you? Wherein lies your hope? God can break every chain and illuminate the dark. He can take those shackles and give you the ability to see other’s pain so that you can say to them, “let me tell you of someone whose love is greater than anything you are facing. His blood paid the price for your past. You no longer have to be imprisoned by the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying.” There is hope.
Dear Father, I come to you broken. I’ve carried around these chains for so long. I don’t want to embrace this shame anymore. Your love gives me courage. You are my hope and my salvation, Lord. Amen


Barrage vs Birthright


  Here I stand in my kitchen, pouring my second cup of coffee. I take notice of how quiet the house is…honestly, I love silence. It allows me the space to think clearly. Over the years, I developed a habit of rushing to get as much done as I could in the morning before the kids woke up. Once their feet hit the floor, the day rushed speedily ahead and didn’t slow down until their heads were nestled on their pillows that night. Now that my children are grown my morning routine has changed. I still find myself rushing to get chores done in the morning, but there is no longer pitter-pattering of little feet around me. Instead, I have more time to reflect and pray. After the coffee pot is filled and the laundry basket is emptied, I sit in my room and spend time with God. What this looked like years ago depended on my mood – I don’t like admitting that, but it did. If life was good, I said a prayer thanking God for the beautiful day, my family, and asked Him to be with me throughout the day. If I was going through a difficult time, there were tears and my prayers sounded more like “God please fix this!” Through the years, that has changed. It’s not because I don’t have good days to be thankful for or difficult things to work through, it’s just that I am not praying out of my emotions anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, God can handle my emotions. I just don’t approach prayer in the same way anymore because I’ve come to understand who I am and who He is. This came only by spending time in His word, discovering His character and who He says I am, and learning about Jesus’ life. Jesus spent so much time in prayer… and do you know who knew He spent so much time in prayer? Satan.


Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. – Luke 4:1-2


  Jesus, fasting, was tempted by satan…basically saying to Jesus “If you are the Son of God, prove it!” Satan knew that Jesus was the Son of God…Jesus knew He was the Son of God…there was nothing to prove. Jesus didn’t let hunger get the best of him, pride get the best of Him, or His emotions get the best of Him. He quoted scripture, God’s words. Since Jesus was the Word become flesh, with each word, He knew the truth, was the truth, and injected truth in the face of his adversary…not feelings…not doubt…. but TRUTH. “For it is written…” Jesus trusted God’s plan, even to death.

  Satan, once being Lucifer, full of wisdom, fell because of his pride. His prideful nature wanted to see Jesus fail. Satan wanted victory…to see Jesus yield to His flesh. Satan wanted to see Jesus worship him instead of the One True God. Satan wanted to see Jesus fall from the temple and plummet to his death. He even quoted scripture to Jesus (Luke 4:10) but silly satan, your tricks and manipulation of God’s word (because yes, satan knew scripture too) couldn’t make Jesus doubt God’s plan. You see, something else that Jesus was equipped with that satan was not…. The Holy Spirit!

  Guess what my friend? When you accept Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, YOU are gifted by God with the Holy Spirit. God’s spirit. Let that sink in for a minute. The same Spirit that was with Jesus in the wilderness…the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave…the same Spirit that descended on the crowd on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)…yeah, THAT spirit! Not a spirit of fear. Not a spirit of doubt. Not a spirit of worry. Not a spirit of defeat. God’s spirit isn’t made up of any of those things! His spirit is the source of power and strength that we are given; our inheritance as a child of God. From THAT place, we are victorious in all things.

  Jesus didn’t abdicate His position that day, and by example, He taught us that we don’t have to abdicate our inheritance either. As we spend more time with God, our prayers change because we better understand Him and better understand how He sees us and who we are to Him. Now, when I face temptation or fear or doubt, the Holy Spirit guides my thoughts and my words back to God’s truth.

  I can say this because last week, I was face to face with satan in the most treacherous wilderness that I ever trod. The enemy tried his hardest to make me doubt who I was and God’s plan for me and my family. It didn’t work. Having faced it and withstanding the barrage of lies that satan threw at me, I can say that I remain standing on God’s truth. My heart is stronger and I’m equipped to handle the days and months ahead because I know that no matter what I face – God keeps His promises. No matter what or who I face here, I have His Spirit within me so that I can stay focused on Him, His truth, and His promises.

God has a plan, even when satan thinks he is about to clutch a victory!

  No victory for you today, satan! One day, I hope to hear “well done, my good and faithful servant” but today I am hearing “well done, my beloved one.”

Lord, you loved me so much that you sent your Son to save me. As if that wasn’t enough, in your goodness, you gifted me with your Holy Spirit. I am not alone in any temptation. Your promises give me hope, and your spirit gives me life everlasting. I pray that your words permeate my soul and my words reflect your truth and goodness. I praise you, Lord. Please continue to shine your face upon me and be gracious to me; LORD lift up your countenance on me and give me peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Featured Artist: Justin McGuire

This month we feature Justin McGuire, a contemporary Christian singer and songwriter.

He serves as Associate Pastor/Pastor of Student Ministries at Gracewood Baptist Church in Statesboro Georgia, where he enjoys leading worship services as well.


Check out Justin McGuire’s music ministry on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for the latest updates!

Maze Runner

In the south, around October, we have fall festivals once the crops are harvested. It isn’t uncommon to find a corn maze at a nearby farm. It’s so fun to walk through it with my family and laugh and see who can find their way out the fastest. However…if you are going through the maze alone, at night, it can be kinda scary. It’s easy to get lost and snakes like to hang out in the corn fields. You wonder “how in the world am I going to get out of here?!” Isn’t it a relief when you see someone waving a flashlight and hear them say “it’s this way!” The happiness you feel as you step out exclaimed with a great big sigh of relief!

Imagine with me for a second, that the maze is sin. Now, whether you were in it or on the outside of it…what would be your response? I think we can all relate to being lost at some point in our lives, but that isn’t what we will talk about today. In this story, you are on the outside, holding the flashlight.

The bible talks about the “lost maze runners” if you will, but let’s take a closer look at the “flashlight holders.” We have Moses, for instance. I’m sure we can easily see Him as holding the flashlight, leading God’s people out of Egypt and out of bondage. What about Ester? Ester stood in the gap for her people and saved them from death. She positioned herself to shine God’s light on the heart of the matter and it saved them! Of course, we can’t talk about light without referring to Jesus. John referred to Jesus as The Light again and again…but did you know that YOU are called to be a light in the darkness? The Holy Spirit equips us to do so. When we accept Jesus, who is The Light, that illumination is within us. So, with that in mind, let’s get to the heart of the story…

All around us, there is sin. We turn on the news, we see it. We scroll through facebook, we see it. We go to the local football game, we see it. We hear about so and so doing such and such and we shake our heads. However, let’s take a closer, more intimate look it. Imagine someone you love dearly living in sin. Not only are they living in sin, you watch them as they inch closer and closer to rock bottom. Maybe from your perspective, it looks like they’ve hit rock bottom multiple times! This person is acting out of character…They are doing things that you never imagined they’d do! When you love them, what do you do? Do you pray for them? Do you stand in the gap?

It’s so hard to walk through that when it’s someone you love but it’s also easier to fall on your knees for a loved one… but what about for your neighbor? And what about the girl at the grocery store that you have gossiped about? Who will stand in the gap for her? How about instead of texting your best friend that you saw miss so and so at work talking to so and so, how about praying for her? Ask God to show you how to pray for her. Ask God to give you His eyes to see her. When God shows you what they look like in His eyes, you have no choice but to stand in the gap and believe in the very best version of that person. If God sees them that way, who are WE to see them or speak of them otherwise?!?


Go back and read that one more time.

We do this, not because of that person or even ourselves, but because of WHO GOD IS WITHIN US! Were you reconciled with God for your own benefit? Does the Holy Spirit live in you to benefit only you? Maybe just your family or closest friends? No! We are to let His light shine in the darkness…not to only illuminate our path but to illuminate the path set before others who have found themselves in the dark with no way out. Pray.

Pray for them and then choose to see them and speak words over them with Philippians 4:8 in mind…

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things!

What is true about this person? What is noble, pure, and lovely about them? What do you admire about them? What is excellent or praiseworthy about them? Think about them in this way and you’ll begin to see them the way God sees them. You can stand in agreement with HIM that they are what God says they were designed to be. See, while we love to speak Jeremiah 1:5 over ourselves, guess what? It’s true about THEM!

He says of her

“Before I formed her in the womb I knew her, before she was born I set her apart”

When we choose to see them in His light, we see their value. We no longer strive to cast them back into the shadow of sin. We want them reconciled with God because that glorifies HIM. God is faithful to keep His promises. Sometimes, when “she” gets off track and can’t see the light, we are positioned to call out to her “this way” as we hold the flashlight and motion “it’s this way!”

So, are you positioning yourself to represent the light by standing in agreement with God for them and speaking life over them? Or are you standing in agreement with Satan and speaking death over them?

What is God saying?


DONT GIVE UP ON ONE ANOTHER! Because He is faithful, because He is mighty to save, because of the cross…we have HOPE. Why? Because God has kept and continues to keep His promises, even if we/they go astray! Let’s stand against the enemy and stand up for God by speaking LIFE over one another. Amen?

And finally, Jesus said it perfectly,

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”  John 13:35

Lord, please forgive me if I have spoken death over anyone and not aligned my tongue with your will. Because you have commanded me to love my neighbor, I ask that you show me how to love them. Give me eyes to see them the way you see them. Thank you for never giving up on me, Father. Thank you for your grace, your mercy, and your patience with me as I learn to be more like Jesus and less like the world. Position me as a light, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Mother’s Crown

All of my thoughts are scattered. All of my physical attempts at progressing forward feel as if I’m moving through quicksand. It is here that I’ve never felt more vulnerable or more broken. I’ve erased more words than I’ve written, just in these first four sentences. I watch the cursor blink as I try to give a voice to the words that I cannot seem to bring to my lips, onto this screen. The blank page before me feels much like the blank page in my mind. What’s next?

Just the idea of that uncertainty makes my eyes well up with tears to the point that I can no longer see the keyboard. My hands are trembling as I type through the tears…but they aren’t for me. They are for my children. As a mother, the thought of sending my children out into this corrupt world deeply burdens my soul. It is something every mother must face, but it always comes sooner than expected.

As a young mother, my days were filled with meeting their needs…nursing them, caring for them, kissing their boo-boos, and shielding them from the big bad world. I took my role as their mama seriously. As they grew, we celebrated milestones and turned mistakes into teachable life lessons, but mostly I tried to nurture their relationships with God. As different as their personalities, were their responses to my care and has been their response to my leading. One child was always so independent and ready to take on the world. One child was always so caring and methodical in their thinking and actions. One was incredibly gifted but very humble. Funny, how I look at them. Each lovingly, each a part of my heart that sprouted legs and walked into the world. No surprise that when they wept, I wept. When they rejoiced, I rejoiced.

So here I sit. Thinking of the blank pages in three books barely scribbled in. What kind of story will they write? Up to this point, like a “through the years” memory book, I have had my pen in hand, telling of how beautiful they are…how precious they are…but my hands shake at the thought of handing the book and pen over to them. As much as I’d like to say I have completely given them back to God, I must be honest and say that is not the case. I’ve always gone to God to ask how to be their mother, but releasing them completely into His care scares me. It feels like I’m handing them the book and pen, not knowing if they’d consult the author of their story before writing on the blank pages.

The Lord has been telling me, “Kittie. I keep my promises. Remember Deuteronomy 30? I don’t make promises that I don’t keep.”

“But God…”

“Kittie, I keep my promises. Remember Deuteronomy 30? I don’t make promises that I don’t keep. No one loves them more than I do, even you.”

“But God, what if…”

“Kittie, I keep my promises.”

Ohhhh, this is the hard part…giving them back while trying not to fall apart when my main identity has been their mother. Letting go is so hard because I’ve grasped onto that role much tighter than any other role in my life; even that of the King’s daughter. In an attempt to raise daughters and a son of the King, I abdicated my position and handed Him my crown for a nursing bra and yoga pants. Now, years later, when there is no need for a nursing bra, but still a need for a crown…there it sits in His hands…

He says… “Kittie, I keep my promises” and places it back upon my head. “I haven’t forgotten the plans I have for YOU.”

As hard as it is to sit here and think about fully surrendering them completely to His care, I know what He has in store for them is much greater than anything I could ever offer them. Handing the pen over to Him, I gain a new perspective…I can see that their stories aren’t written in ink, they’re written in blood. 

Calamity of the Hospitable Mute




the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.


What does hospitality mean to you?

I asked my husband that question and he said “it means to be friendly to people you have welcomed into your home.”

Do you think we’re hospitable? “Yes” He replied. 

Do we have people over enough? “No… (pause) but I don’t like having people over all of the time.”

But how can we practice hospitality if we never invite people into our home? Silence.

I’m the polar opposite of my husband…I like having people over. However, my excuse for not inviting friends over since moving into our cottage has been that 1) we are renovating and 2) it’s too small. But it has been three years this month since we moved! YIKES! Apparently having paint cans by the back door is reason enough for me not to reach out to a friend. (Now, Kittie! Shame is your name and avoiding people is your game!)

Growing up, hospitality looked like a pot of coffee and rocking chairs on the front porch. It didn’t involve a lot of time and money to make folks feel right at home… just a smile and a place to sit a spell. These days, most parents work 9-5 then hustle to drag kids from one event to another…kids aren’t playing in the neighborhood until dark because their schedules are too full! Now, hear my heart. I am NOT bashing after school activities; I encourage them… but what I discourage is having our schedules so maxed out that it leaves no room for creativity, downtime, and yes…hospitality. It also doesn’t leave time for mom and dad to spend time with their friends or one other on their front porch or at the kitchen table. They are too busy driving from one practice to another before hitting the drive-through on the way home… exhausted, depleted, and guilty because they’ve served take out to their kids three days this week. 

Sound familiar?

On the flip side, when we do make time to have friends over (if you’re anything like me) you feel like you need to have the house looking like a picture right out of Magnolia magazine, with nothing out of place and a non gmo, organic gourmet dinner with six different flavors of JoJo’s cupcakes served on an wooden platter made by orphans from a remote country you’ve never even heard of! All this served at a well dressed table with fresh linens, hip china, and fresh flowers from a trendy florist two towns away. 

Dude, I’m exhausted just typing that! Why am I trying so hard to impress them? Whatever happened to having a family come over and you served hamburger helper on paper plates with a glass of sweet tea? Is this gluten free? Is this paleo? I’m not eating carbs this month. I’m lactose intolerant. Geez (I am celiac, so I’m poking fun at myself here!) That is enough to make you never want to open up and invite anyone over. So, after ditching our dinner plans, we end up texting something like “OMG! I miss you! We have to get together soon!” But soon never happens. Friendship, real friendship, it dissolves and instead we spend our Saturdays liking their Instagram photos from our small living room as we drink coffee alone. In our PJs. Staring at our half painted walls.


How can we end this cycle of isolation that we’ve nurtured? We could step out and invite someone over for coffee but then there’s the whole rejection thing that stems from everyone being too busy to stop and invest in one another. Trust me, I get it, but I do long for the days when life was a lit slower and the days felt a little longer…when we made time to stop and ask “Hows ya mama n ‘dem” and really meant it.

Another component is our impressive lack of communication skills. I’ll be the first to admit that I am awful at small talk. I’m a GREAT listener, but that only works when I’m in the company of a talker. My cousin is a gifted talker…so is my oldest daughter. They can talk about anything to anyone and keep it going for about an hour before coming up for breath. AND I LOVE IT! I’m having a conversation without really saying anything. I just nod and smile. LOL. They walk away from our lil chit chat having said some things that they’ve been wanting to say and I walk away with having been their captivated audience. Now, if I invite a quiet person over, it isn’t very pretty. As a matter of fact, it’s downright ugly. Can you say “awkward silence?” Haha… bless our quiet little hearts! We walk away from our chat having said very little but hopefully we enjoyed the cup of coffee (as long as it caffeine free, fat free, sugar free, dairy free and cruelty free, right?)

I guess what I’m saying is that no matter the outcome, the effort exuded to extend the invitation is worth it because they’re worth it. You are worth it. I am worth it. So why not extend some hospitality to a neighbor or friend? Maybe someone who is new to town that your kid plays ball with seventeen hours a week? Maybe invite an empty-nester couple from church over for lunch after the service? Maybe plan to pack two salads and some sweet tea in mason jars for lunch and invite a coworker to join you?

By the way…I’m gluten intolerant, love coffee, and play well with talkers. 😉

If you are gifted with hospitality, or with the gift of gab…pour yourself a cup of coffee and drop me a line or two on what works best for you. I’d love to hear back from you!


Afraid of the Dark


And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known, I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16 


I was recently asked “Are you afraid of the dark?”

Well, let’s see… I want complete and absolute darkness at bedtime. I have a pretty keen sense of my surroundings, so I could make my way around my home with no problem. No, I’m not afraid of the dark. Not anymore.

She added, “I am. I’m afraid if I can’t see what’s right in front of me.”

I can understand where she’s coming from. At one point, I could completely relate to being scared of the dark. It may seem a bit odd, but an unknown fact about me is that I use to close my eyes and pretend to be blind, just to see if I could develop other senses to help me in the event that I would ever lose my eyesight. Weird, right? Well, does it help to know that I was a child? Does it help to know that that idea came to me after watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie? After watching the episode where Mary loses her vision, I genuinely wondered if I could take care of myself if I ever became blind. So, I would close my eyes and try to navigate my way around my home and my grandmother’s home. At first, I stumped my toe into every piece of furniture I encountered. I walked into walls, and even ended up in my grandmother’s closet when I was bound for the living room! However, over time I developed my senses and learned to pay attention to my steps and to sounds and patterns of light. I became aware of weak places in the floor that would creak when I walked across them. I practiced this for many years and I became rather good at it.

But darkness has another meaning, doesn’t it?

Spiritual darkness can be a place of perpetual fear and sadness, but it can also be a moment of hopelessness that you just can’t see past. I’ve been in both places. I’ve been momentarily struck down and lost my bearings and couldn’t see a thing; no solution in sight. I’ve have also had a period of perpetual darkness that lasted for years in which I felt no hope for a situation at all. Both places are SCARY!

But here’s the thing…

When I was standing or walking through a dark place, I had to make a choice. A choice to continue bumping into the obstacle, maybe pretending that it wasn’t real, OR I could focus in on the light instead of the darkness. You see, I would continue the game until I heard something that caught my attention. It was usually someone looking for me, calling my name because I had been quiet or unseen for too long. Isn’t it like that with God? We stand there, eyes closed to the truth, lips pursed in concentration, arms stretched out in front of us, trying to avoid bumping into something (or someone) and getting hurt… and we don’t think to open our eyes and ears to what God is trying to show us!

I do remember getting my brother in on the game a time or two. We would take turns closing our eyes, while one would navigate the other around obstacles… “ take seven steps forward and stop!” God is trying to help us navigate through the obstacles. He never, ever said there wouldn’t be obstacles. He did say, “I have told you these things, so that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)

It isn’t that we won’t face obstacles…and sometimes, we won’t be able to see what’s right in front of us, but we do have a light in the darkness. We have a voice in the darkness, leading us through it all and into the light!

All throughout scripture, light is used to symbolize God. Here are a few…

  • “The Lord is my LIGHT and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of who shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1


  • “Your word is a LAMP for my feet, a LIGHT on my path” Psalm 119:105


  • “The unfolding of your words gives LIGHT; it gives understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130


  • ”The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a LIGHT has dawned!” Matthew 4:16


  • “In the same way, let your LIGHT shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


  • “The LIGHT shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5


  • “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said “I am the LIGHT of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but have the LIGHT of life.” John 8:12


  • “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: GOD IS LIGHT; in Him, there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5


And finally, my favorite verse…

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of HIm who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous LIGHT.” 1 Peter 2:9

In Revelation 21:23, John describes the glory of God as LIGHT and the Lamb is it’s LAMP. His glory is often referred to as Shekinah, meaning the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light. I point this out because THAT LIGHT, THAT GLORY, we have been called into it! He is offering His light to us in every given situation. Nothing compares to it, we have access to it at any time, and it is freely given to us… His chosen people, His royal priesthood.

This is where my eyes opened.

That realization that He is exposing us to His light, which illuminates everything, absolutely changes everything! I don’t have to fear the dark. I don’t have to wander around with my eyes closed hoping for the best… and You don’t have to live like that anymore. Today, He is calling you out of the darkness and into HIS light.


Pray with me…

Father, some days are so hard. I don’t know how I arrived here, but I feel utterly lost. I need you. I need your light in my life. Open my eyes so that I may see your glory all around me. I don’t want to be scared or worried anymore. Fill me with your peace and love, Lord. Forgive me for reaching for other things to find my way. Show me how to walk in your light. I give this situation to you and I trust you with the outcome. I  no longer allow it to control my life. You are my light and my salvation! Jesus, be my lamp in the darkness. Show me the way back to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please let me know if you prayed that prayer with me. You are being prayed for as I type these words. I’d love to hear from you!